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Current Issue: Volume 75, Number 1 (2022) Symposium: Ending Mass Incarceration: Philosophy, Practice, and Policy




Nonfatal Death Sentences
Jacob Bronsther


Movement Constitutionalism
Brandon Hasbrouck


Robert L. Rembert

Managing Editor

Sarah M. Simpson (Oliver)

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Tina Cannon

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Sarah B. Conley
Hilary Price
Jake Seidel

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Bailey Barnes
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Blaine Brewer
Lydia Butay
Heather Crabill
Charles Johnson
Garrett Reed

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Connor Andreen
Lauren Brown
Deborah Davis
Jennifer Isaacs
Kaisa Johnson
Sheldon Smith

Judiciary Committee

Blaine Brewer
Lauren Brown
Payton Roberts

Research Editor and Candidate Mentor

Payton Roberts

Symposium Editor

Rebecca Braun-Harrison

Topic Editor and Candidate Mentor

Garrett Reed

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Lydia Butay
Price Rowe

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Sarah Anderson
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Riley Wren

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Michael F. Waters, M.A.