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Founded in 1948, the Oklahoma Law Review is published quarterly by the University of Oklahoma College of Law to serve the profession and the public with timely discussions of state and federal legal issues. The OLR’s editorial board and membership are composed of law students, who work in consultation with a faculty advisor. Each issue of the Review contains articles written by scholars and practitioners, as well as comments and notes authored by journal editors and members. OLR also publishes an annual symposium issue.

Current Issue: Volume 71, Number 4 (2019)





Collen L. Steffen

Managing Editor

Katherine M. Raunikar

Executive Articles Editor

Alan Fonseca

Articles Editors

Sarah K. Capps
Anthony W. Joyce
Thomas J. Joyce

Notes & Comment Editors

Victoria Johnson
Eric Krampf
Allison Meinders

Assistant Articles Editors

Becky Bryan
Cooper Davis
Jake Martin
Maegan Murdock
Shelby Rice
Matt Stott

Assistant Managing Editors

Jim John
Wil Norton
Ashley Ray
Chris Slocum
Paul Tortorici
Scottie Verplank

Judiciary Committee

Jake Martin
Ashlyn Smith
Matt Stott

Research Editor and Candidate Mentor

Phoebe Mitchell

Symposium Editor

Hayley Parker

Topic Editor and Candidate Mentor

Shelby Rice

Staff Editors

Amanda Broussard
Chris Slocum

Candidates for Membership

Connor L. Ballinger
Brennan T. Barger
Bailey Betz
Jacob P. Black
Ryan D. Brown
Evan J. Crumpley
Diane Doh
Jacob M. Downs
Cooper E. Eppes
Marci J. Gracey
Natalie M. Jester
Karson J. Katz
Maeve P. Lindsey
Justin M. Mai
Nick Marr
Matthew T. Neiman
Taylor J. Peshehonoff
Jonathan L. Rogers
Grant P. Scowden
Austin Sheehy
Heather S. Talley
Isaac Z. Treadaway
Reed C. Trechter
Grayson P. Walker
Joseph D. Weiss
Courtney D. West
Sierra L. White
Allyson L. Wilcox

Editorial Advisor

Michael F. Waters, M.A.