Message of the President of the United States to the two Houses of Congress at the commencement of the second session of the Thirty-seventh Congress, Report of the Secretary of War, 1861

Johnson Annotation

Annual Message to Congress with Documents; Pres. Lincoln. 3 Dec. SED 1, 37-2, v1-3 , 2159p. [1117-1119) Indian relations with the U.S. disturbed by the Civil War; annual report of the Sec. of War (Serial 1118) ; annual report of the Sec. of Interior (Serial 1117) ; annual report of the Gen. Land Office (Serial 1117); annual report of the CIA (Serial 1117), including attempts of Confederacy to alienate Indians from the U.S., report of a visit to the Central Superintendency; British trade; treaty negotiations, agents for new Territories; fear of Indian troubles on the Upper Missouri; hostilities in the Southwest, affairs on the Pacific coast, and reports of Supts. and agents; etc.