The American Indian Law Review serves as a nationwide scholarly forum for analysis of developments in legal issues pertaining to Native Americans and indigenous peoples worldwide. Publishing two issues each year, AILR circulates in-depth articles by legal scholars, attorneys and other expert observers. In addition, the Review provides comments and notes written by student members and editors on a variety of Indian law-related topics.

Current Issue: Volume 43, Number 1 (2018)





Special Feature


Alyssa Lankford

Managing Editor

Kady Billam

Executive Editor

Shae Weathersbee

Business Development Editor

Elizabeth Stevens

Articles Development Editor

JR Loera

Assistant Managing Editors

Kevin Cartwright
Sophia Fernald
Greg Keogh
Molly Richey

Assistant Executive Editors

Jacy Chafin
Taylor Ledford
Morgan Medders
Hannah White
Kaimbri White

Research Editors

Umar Ali
Wynne Brantlinger
Calandra McCool

Competitions Editor

Amanda Jespersen


Abbe Adams
Justin Bates
David Goodpasture
Brody Gustafson
Douglas Jones
Katherine Leach
Gabrielle Marshall
Scott May
Lauren Smart
Jordan Thomas

Member Candidates

Ope Adegbuyi
Aston Armstrong
Logan Blackmore
Tanner Boyd
Brett Cheary
Allison Christian
Joshua Cole
Brennan Davis
Lacee Eakins
Evan Edler
Tyler Gilmore
Ridge Howell
Matt Irby
Emily Isbill
Josh Jacobson
Elizabeth Low
Mady Martin
Haley Maynard
Oge Mbaraonye
Kendall McCoy
Cody Reihs
Tricia Scott
Kathryn Siverling
Chris Wade
Tyson Wade
Fox Whitworth

Editorial Advisor

Michael F. Waters, M.A.