Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, and Energy Journal

The University of Oklahoma College of Law’s Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, and Energy Journal (ONE J) is a comprehensive publication dedicated to the advancement of domestic and international legal scholarship on oil, gas, and energy and natural resources law. ONE J offers in-depth articles by academics, practitioners, and other interested scholars. In addition, the Journal features comments and notes written by student members and editors on a wide variety of energy topics.

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Micah L. Adkison

Managing Editor

Hilary C. Soileau

Articles Editors

Megan N. Anson

Jessica K. Fredrickson

Tanner L. Groce

Alexander M. Shirley

Michael J. Vecchio

David W. Wilken

Case Editors

Mariah K. Borek

Javeria A. Kazmi

William J. Patrigo

Jonathan A. Namazi

Adam J. Singer

Brian C. Wilson